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Media releases

Media releases underpin all media relations. While it may look like an innocuous A4 or letter size typed sheet, the media release – with its tried and tested ‘who, what, when, where and why’ basic format – is an official announcement to the media. Digital media has quickened the pace at which information can get ‘out there’, but journalists still appreciate the no-nonsense format of a good press release (aka media or news release).

As with lots of things we value, the adage ‘less is more’ is relevant when it comes to producing press releases. Its simplicity is the key to getting your organisation’s latest news noticed by the media. But simple doesn’t mean it is easy to write an effective press release, especially as it also needs to be published to relevant digital channels and work as an interactive piece of online content. Copestone’s public relations (PR) experts have years of experience in writing press releases for all types and sizes of organisations and in all formats.                    

Press pack – an essential part of the journalist’s toolkit

Although usually posted online and emailed to the media, a press release also forms an invaluable component of the press pack given out to journalists and reporters at events because it provides the background information from which they will do the write-up. A typical press pack may include some or all of the following:

  • Press release
  • CD with selected images
  • Agenda of event
  • Price list of products
  • Corporate or sales brochure
  • Business cards.

Clearly, press releases form part of a wider marketing campaign, making it imperative that they are written and distributed in a way that complements your overall marketing strategy.

By handing over your press release production to Copestone, you will have access to our expert PR team, who have vast experience of managing all PR activity, including:

  • Creating a PR strategy
  • Identifying and targeting media channels
  • Producing a PR planner
  • Writing press releases
  • Monitoring the success of your PR campaigns
  • Responding to press enquiries.

Press statements are issued when a public response is required

Press statements are a type of press release sent out in response to a media enquiry. They are reactive, which makes them distinct in tone and objective from the planned type of press release referred to above. Press statements are written as a public comment on an event that has occurred. They are often sensitive in nature and require the skill of a PR practitioner.

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