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Media relations

Media relations is the long-established activity of sending out news about your organisation via the media but, as with all marketing activity, it has changed considerably in recent years. The purpose of media relations is the same: to raise awareness of your organisation in ways that present a favourable image and enhance its reputation. It’s the mechanisms and tactics for delivering PR that have been transformed by digital media, social networking, blogging and a whole raft of other online marketing activities.

Grab the attention of hard to reach editors through skilful PR

Copestone’s public relations (PR) team can provide you with the support you need when you are dealing with the media on behalf of your organisation. This could mean handing all your PR activity over to us, including:

  • Creating a PR strategy
  • Identifying and targeting media channels
  • Producing a PR planner
  • Writing press releases
  • Monitoring the success of your PR campaigns
  • Responding to press enquiries.

Or it could mean supplying any number of these elements on a more ad-hoc basis.

Copestone's team of versatile PR practitioners, subject expert copywriters and professional marketers is well equipped to provide you with media relations support tailored to the needs of your organisation and in line with the rest of your marketing activity. PR’s great strength is that editorial carries more gravitas than paid advertising. While the media is often, and sometimes deservedly, lampooned for its unethical practices, it provides third-party endorsement and is, therefore, considered more impartial than the materials an organisation publishes about itself. Though there are many other benefits to good PR practice, this alone makes it an area of publicity well worth doing well and it's also why you need expertise like Copestone can offer to ensure you maximise its reach.

Be prepared to deal with negative publicity

Although it costs nothing other than time to contact the press, do not underestimate the skill required for effective public relations management. Journalists are notoriously hard to please, often simply because of the sheer volume of information that floods their inbox every day. As skilled interviewers, they are not above manipulating the information imparted to them by an unsuspecting employee to get the angle they want, even if it does not reflect well on your organisation. In this age of instant information, a throwaway remark is common knowledge in seconds.

PR practice can lead you into difficulty unless you have the right expertise, which is why dealing with the media in the face of a PR crisis is something that every organisation must be ready to face. Copestone’s skilled PR team have years of experience of dealing with the trade press, regional and national newspapers and broadcast media. We would love to help you manage your media liaison so you get the most from your public relations activity.

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