More mileage: how to turn your webinar into an enduring legacy asset


More mileage: how to turn your webinar into an enduring legacy asset

August 2021
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How to make the content of your webinar go further. 

The popularity of webinars has increased dramatically since the pandemic took hold. According to Statista, between February and March 2020 alone there was a 36% increase in the number of B2B brands in the US offering webinars, as budgets set aside for in-person events were swiftly reallocated. 

But as anyone who has prepared and/or written the material for a webinar will know, it is a time-eating exercise; days of work can go into a webinar that lasts just an hour or two. And when your work is done, and attendees have left the virtual meeting room, how do you make use of the content assets?  

It’s enough of a challenge convincing people who have registered to actually attend on the day without having to worry about what you do with the assets now at your disposal. But there is always a need to keep an audience interested and engaged after the webinar is over, and, if the webinar was held primarily to generate leads, to convert attendees. 

In this blog, however, we’re going to focus on what we’re calling enduring legacy assets. In other words, how can you turn your webinar content into an asset - or multiple assets - that can be used again and again as part of your content marketing to drive engagement, and nurture and convert leads through the sales funnel?

Resources to follow-up with your webinar audience

If your goal is to nurture and capture leads from the webinar, consider how best to reach your audience. For example, if LinkedIn is a powerful tool for engaging with your audience, you could turn your webinar into a series of audio snippets. 

Create audio snippets from a section of your webinar that your audience engaged with most, and make sure the topic is evergreen. Not only can this be shared via social and become a valuable marketing asset, but you can drive traffic back to your website while engaging your audience. 

If your webinar hosted some standout ideas, insights or research that can be useful for your audience to have, create short video clips for social media or put a SlideShare together. Where shorter clips can be used to grab attention and gain interest, a SlideShare or longer sections can be leveraged as more valuable assets to be shared later on in the sales funnel process. Such assets could always be used in other campaigns, where relevant. 

And don’t forget podcasting. Aim to keep these short and focused on a specific aspect of the webinar, and upload to different platforms to help drive traffic back to your website. By creating such a wide variety of assets, your content becomes more accessible and more likely to be seen by every group within your target audience, regardless of how they prefer to consume content.

If your webinar included an FAQs section or your webinar audience had questions which you answered in the webinar, consider creating a Q&A page on your website and write structured answers. This page could always be linked to by your sales team if the same questions keep cropping up. 

Blogs posts based on the webinar can be published on your website for the purposes of driving traffic. These can also be compiled into an eBook and used as a piece of gated content given in exchange for email addresses. Alternatively, if the content of the webinar fits such a format and there is a need, you could create an online course. 

An online course can be used to educate and inform your audience, while positioning you as an authority in your niche. This not only attracts customers and exemplifies your thought leadership, but it can also increase ROI by acting as an additional, passive income stream if you chose to make it a paid course.

Creating your enduring legacy assets

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