Comprehensive marketing services, from A to Z

At its simplest, we segment and target markets, we create and implement strategy, and we write and put into practice effective and successful marketing and campaign plans.

Copestone Marketing can deliver you anything from providing expert consultancy advice on segmentation, targeting and competitive strategies, through brainstorming, researching and writing marketing plans, to detailed campaign planning and implementation. We get involved in brand strategies and channel marketing, as well as in every aspect of creating strategy for internal communications, external marketing, public policy and media relations.

Our strength lies in the fact that we focus on understanding your target market segments and the specific messaging and media to communicate how your proposition’s benefits exactly meet your market’s needs. We integrate seamlessly with, or commission and project manage, market researchers, graphic designers, web developers, digital agencies and marketing agencies, both in the UK and abroad. That means we can either work with your chosen team or will be able to suggest the perfect supply partners for your particular project.

Based just north of London in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, our UK, EU, Americas, Africa and Asia specialists offer professional and expert strategic marketing consultancy. This includes market research, marketing communications, internal communications, creative direction, copywriting and media relations – all the marketing services you need for all your communications:

Above the line (ATL)
Below the line (BTL)
Brand audits
Brand communications
Brand management
Brand strategy
Broadcast – radio, television, web
Business plans
Business to business (B2B)
Business to consumer (B2C)
Category management
Change communications campaigns
Change communications strategy
Channel management
Channel marketing
Communication campaigns
Communication plans
Communication strategy
Communications audits
Community management (social media)
Competitive positioning
Competitive strategy
Competitor analysis
Competitor brand analysis
Competitor content analysis
Competitor corporate responsibility analysis
Competitor monitoring
Competitor positioning
Competitor research
Content audits
Content creation
Content management
Content marketing
Content strategy
Corporate marketing planning
Corporate marketing strategy
Corporate marketing vision and mission
Corporate reporting
Corporate social responsibility analysis
Corporate social responsibility campaigns
Corporate social responsibility content
Corporate social responsibility strategy
Corporate strategy
Corporate wargaming
Creative asset analysis
Creative asset management
Crisis media relations strategies
Customer analysis
Customer relationship mapping
Customer relationship marketing
Customer segmentation
Customer targeting
Data analysis
Data mining
Digital marketing campaigns
Digital marketing content
Digital marketing strategy
Direct marketing campaigns
Direct marketing content
Direct marketing strategy
Display advertising campaigns
Display advertising strategy
Ebook strategy
Editorial strategy
Electronic marketing
Event campaign planning
Event marketing strategy
Experiential campaign planning
Experiential marketing strategy
External communications campaigns
External communications strategy
Field marketing campaign planning
Field marketing strategy
Guidelines – brand, corporate, ID, product
HR communications strategy
Human resources (HR) communications
Identity strategies – brand and corporate
In-store campaigns and promotion
In-store strategy
Integrated marketing strategy
Integrated multichannel campaign implementation
Integrated multichannel campaign planning
Integrated multichannel marketing
Interactive campaign management
Interactive campaign planning
Interactive campaign strategy
Internal communications content
Internal communications management
Internal communications planning
Internal communications strategy
Investor communications content
Investor communications management
Investor communications planning
Investor communications strategy
Lead generation campaigns
Lead generation planning
Lead generation strategies
Localisation strategy
Marcoms campaigns
Marcoms planning
Marcoms strategy
Market analysis
Market research
Market segmentation
Market targeting
Marketing budgets

Marketing campaigns
Marketing consultancy
Marketing economics
Marketing implementation
Marketing models
Marketing planning
Marketing plans
Marketing procurement
Marketing statistics
Marketing strategy
Marketing supply chain
Media campaign planning
Media relations campaign implementation
Media relations campaigns
Media relations strategies
Media research
Mobile marketing
Multichannel strategies
Multimedia marketing
Multimedia strategy
New product development
New service development
Niche marketing
Online campaign planning
Online strategy
Outdoor campaign planning
Outdoor marketing strategy
Outdoor media strategy
Packaging strategy
Pay per click (PPC) campaign planning
Pay per click (PPC) content creation
Pay per click (PPC) strategy
Pitch strategy
Point of purchase (POP) strategy
Point of sale (POS) strategy
Pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) strategy
Proposal strategy
Proposition creation and development
Proximity marketing
Public affairs strategy
Public relations/publicity strategy
Publishing strategy
Research planning
Research strategy
Retail Distribution Review (RDR)
Return on marketing investment
Sales campaigns
Sales planning
Sales promotions
Sales strategy
Scenario planning and role play
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy
Service process analysis
Service process planning
Service process strategy
Social media community management
Social media guidelines
Social media strategy
Stakeholder analysis
Stakeholder communications
Stakeholder management
Stakeholder mapping
Strategic communications
Strategic consulting
Strategic marketing
Strategic research
Strategic studies
Strategy consultancy
Style guides
Supply chain analysis
Supply chain strategy
Tender/invitation to tender (ITT) content
Tender/invitation to tender (ITT) strategy
Thought leadership content
Thought leadership strategy
Through the line (TTL) strategy
Through the line (TTL) campaigns
Viral marketing campaign planning
Viral marketing strategy
Web content creation
Web content strategy
Web marketing campaign planning
Web marketing strategy
White paper content creation
White paper strategy

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